Saturday, June 6, 2009

Blog of the Month: Extraordinary Missionary Effort among Ke'kchi and Guatemalan Youth Reported On Mission President's Blog

I came across a very interesting mission president's blog Torres Zion. There really aren't a lot of mission presidents' blogs out there so every one I find is a gem as I can see what is really happening out in the mission field. He reports some very interesting happenings including the visit of Elder Quentin L. Cook and preparing 1,000 Guatemalan young people to serve missions. The Deseret News missed both important events that should have been reported.

This blog gives us a glimpse into the happenings of President and Sister David and Maria Luisa Torres. The blog describes the demographics of the mission as having 172 missionaries divided into six districts with two Districts that are Ke'kchi speaking. The mission comprises all of the north -eastern part of Guatemala City and its surrounding communities. The northern boundary of the mission ends at the Mexican border. There are some very colorful pictures like the one above.

A couple of weeks ago President Torres described the visit of Elder Quentin L. Cook:
On April 30 at 2pm we were blessed with a visit from Elder Quentin L. Cook in Guatemala City. We had a very special meeting with him and his wife which included the Area Presidency, Elder Don Clarke, Shirley Christensen, and Enrique Falabella of the Seventy and missionaries from all three Missions in the City as well as streaming broadcast to our missionaries in Petén and Coban (including the Polochic and Senahu Zones). All together the audience totaled over 1200 in attendance.

Elder Cook reviewed for us the importance of seeking the spirit in both finding and teaching our investigators and using the inspired book for our generation of missionaries… “Preach My Gospel.” He told us to be mindful of the 4 Loves, Love the people, Love your companion, Love your Mission President and most important…Love the Lord.
On 29 April 2009 President Torres reported an unusual event that has great significance for missionary work throughout the world:
Guatemala is witnessing the greatest number of young men to submit applications to join us in our forces to accomplish the great work assigned us by the Savior, to “Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.”

On April 25, 2009 young men and women participated in the “Jornada medico” where they congregated in Guatemala to attend an event that would prepare more than a 1000 young men and woman to enter the mission field.

Latter-Day Saint Doctors, Dentist, and other medical professionals came from the United States, bringing with them supplies and equipment to examine, correct minor dental issues and help each prospective missionary fill-out their applications to be submitted.
It was a great effort for the many health care professionals to donate their time and travel and medical expertise to take care of such a large group of young men and women. It is no small undertaking to give the future missionaries vaccinations, fill cavities or extract teeth. I am very impressed by the dozens of LDS dentists who travel the world helping out their fellow Saints many times at great personal sacrifice.

The mission president himself helped in a small as he described his efforts in readying the young men for their passport and VISA pictures:
I was able to help in a small way by feeding our young people and also as a “barber” on Monday afternoon. Some of the young men were reluctant to part with their locks, but I was there to sooth their concerns.
Check out Torres' Zion because this guy and his wife are really down to earth people.


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