Friday, June 19, 2009

Sister Missionary to Sing for GA's and Mission Presidents

Sister Sallie Wilson who is going to a Spanish-speaking mission in Los Angeles is excited to be chosen as one of only 36 missionaries who will sing each day for the mission presidents, their wives, and the general authorities during the four day mission presidents' seminar that will be held next week in the MTC.

Hermana Wilson shares her excitement:

So each June, they have the New Mission Presidents' Seminar, where all the incoming mission presidents come and are trained by the Bretheren here at the MTC, over a 4-day period. So that's exciting in and of itself, because it means that next week the entire first presidency and quorum of the 12, along with various other General Authorities will be here! But wait, there's more! ("It's a NEW CAR!!!" just kidding, just kidding :) Each morning they have a devotional, and they have a small choir of missionaries do a special musical number for said devotional. Small as in 36 missionaries small. 36 out of 2500 in the whole MTC. And guess who was chosen to be in this small choir of 36 (8 missionaries per part)? ME!!!! AND my companion!!! AND 2 elders from our district!!!!! BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!! That means that next Thurs, Fri, Sat, and Sun (possibly twice on Sunday), I get to sing for all the new mission presidents, and at least some of the bretheren (Pres. Monson is coming on Sunday) EVERY DAY!!! I am SO EXCITED!!!!! Keep in mind that this only happens once a year, and I'm here for it!
I am surprised they didn't move the seminar up to Salt Lake City or to a different location at BYU with the swine flu problem. I am glad that the mission presidents and General Authorities are proving how tough they are to go in to the MTC. It shows they put their health where their mouth is.

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