Friday, July 24, 2009

Elder Richard G. Scott Pronounces Apostolic Bless on New Zealand Auckland Missionaries

On 30 April 2009 Elder Richard G. Scott left an apostolic blessing on the New Zealand Auckland missionaries:

As you ponder and try to understand who the Savior is during your mission, you will understand him more fully and it will be the foundation of your life. For those of you who are mastering another language I invoke a blessing of the gift of tongues. You exercise that gift with faith. After today you should find a greater ability to learn and communicate in an acquired tongue. What would I have you remember from our experience together, just one thing, an individual—insignificant and not very strong or capable but with the mantle and keys of an apostle said to you:

‘I positively know and bear witness that Jesus Christ lives. He is a glorified resurrected being of perfect love. He personally guides this church. And I accept responsibility before my Father in Heaven for what I say for it is true. His Son lives!’”

In an earlier post this year I spoke about Apostolic Blessings citing an example of Elder Boyd K. Packer leaving one some missionaries in the MTC on how their families would be blessed and one by Elder Russell M. Nelson. It is common when an apostle or seventy visits a group of missionaries to leave some apostolic words of encouragement.

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