Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Interesting David A. Bednar Experience as Missionary with Elder Boyd K. Packer Has Dramatic Impact

Dan and Janice Hegorhorst who are a senior couple going to Uruguay Montivideo Mission relate a story told by David A. Bednar to MTC missionaries at their devotional on 9 June 2009. It is quite fascinating:

We attended the Devotional and as usual they did not announce the speaker until just prior to the meeting starting, but this week was a bit different, one of the head ushers announced that usually we do not stand to sign our Hymns but we do stand when an Apostle of Jesus Christ comes into the room. (he said now aren't you glad you came early and got a seat). A few minutes later Elder David A. Bednar of the Quorum of the Twelve apostles came into the room. Usually the Senior Missionary couples have a few of the rows reserved for them in the front of the auditorium. We had arrived early to make sure we got a good seat ( 2nd row center) . We looked around and found that we were the only Senior Couple in the room. It turns out that all the Senior Couples were asked to watch the Devotional from another room at the MTC. This time it really paid off not being an officially entered Senior Couple. We were so close the the Bednar's we could see the color of their eyes and see and feel the spirit they both have.

Sister Bednar spoke about how the Gospel is one eternal round meaning that the missionaries will convert someone who will raise a family and send missionaries that will convert others and we will all be blessed by those that spread the gospel.

Elder Bednar spoke about how when he travels he usually answers questions from the congregations. One of the most asked question is “ How do I know when it is the Holy Ghost giving me prompting or is it just me” His answer was a very simple and direct answer. He said “stop worrying about it, if you are living the commandments, keeping your covenants the Holy Ghost will be there to direct you as long as you are moving forward. You have to get off the couch and do something and the Holy Ghost will be there to direct you. If you are not moving the Holy Ghost cannot direct you! He gave and example of how when he was a stake president in Arkansas. President Boyd K. Packer was visiting Elder Bednar's region for a region conference and the Stake leaders had the opportunity to share a meal with Pres. Packer. When it came time for Pres. Bednar to introduce himself he said his name and then mentioned to Pres. Packer that you may not remember this but when I was 20 years old I was serving a mission in Germany and you and your wife came to visit. When it came time to leave the airport was shut down due to bad weather and my companion and I picked you and your wife up at the airport and took you to the train station. President Packer then interrupted and said and do you remember you brought us back to the mission home and made you a simple meal and arranged train tickets to allow us we could continue our journey and then took us to the train station and just prior to us getting on the train you gave me a 20 mark note so we could purchase food on the train. Did you also know that while we were on that train ride we entered into East German territory and the East German guards came on the train and were inspecting the Visa's of all the people. President Packer's Visa was okay but Sister Packers was a 3 year Visa that had been extended to 5 years. The guard had a very dark evil spirit about him and was not going to let Sister Packer continue on the train. President Packer gave his Visa with the 20 mark note slipped inside and his wife's Visa. The guard went away and returned with the Visa's minus the 20 mark note and they were both allowed to proceed on their journey. Elder Bednar did not remember giving the 20 mark note to Pres. Packer but was where he should have been doing the things he should have been so the Holy Ghost could prompt him and use him to help Pres. Packer and his wife during their time of need. Later out they found out that the East Germans were taking people of the of the training during that time because of the 2 year extensions to the Visa's and some the the people were not heard from again.

I love these faith promoting stories. It is amazing how small acts can affect us. If it weren't for missionary blogs we would miss out on some great material that is not reported in the Church News or other places.

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In The Doghouse said...

What a great story. I love both Elder Bednar and Elder Packer. It is interesting how the Lord made sure they crossed paths so many times previous to being brothers serving in the Quorum of the Twelve.

Thanks for sharing this with us!