Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Blog of the Month: A Field of Blessings

One of the most faith-promoting missionary blogs is A Field of Blessings. Natalie shares some interesting stories about not only her mission but about miraculous blessings that have happened in her life.

She shared a recent mission conference in which Elder Russell Nelson came and spoke to the Belgium Brussels missionaries. She was quite taken with his wife Wendy who shared this advice to missionaries and she gave a brief synopsis of Elder Nelson's advice:

SisterWendy Nelson: "..what wattage are you?" How much light do you emit? Get more light and then you will give off more light."

Elder Nelson admonished us to narrow the gap between what we are now and what we need to become. He said that God judges by comparing what you are as opposed to what you have the capacity to become. Demand more of yourself. Teach diligently that you may be more perfectly instructed. He opened up the mtg. to questions and taught us many, many other things. Before he finished he told us to look in the mirror and to marvel at who we are. Finally, he gave us a beautiful apostolic blessing. We were all filled with a wonderful feeling. The spirit in the room was so strong. It was great to be taught at the feet of an apostle of the Lord.
It is kind of refreshing to see a missionary who still has the simple faith to see her life in context of the blessings that the Lord pours out to the faithful. I was particularly interested in her story about one of her children that has been miraculously healed and her daughter's courage in overcoming a debilitating disease.

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