Thursday, August 6, 2009

First Impressions: Nu-Skin, Sister Missionaries at the MTC

I have been reading in several of the sister missionaries posts lately about how Nu-Skin which is headquarters in Provo, Utah is being given to by two sisters called to teach them how to do make-up. I can't ascertain whether they are very wealthy or associated with some way with Nu-Skin. I doubt that the church is putting out thousands of dollars on make-up.

Sister Meagan Jackson going the New Jersey Morristown Mission gives a good description in a posted on 5 August 2009 entitled Ingles Died and Life Is Good about the generosity of the company:

Did you know that 2 ladies in Provo have a calling to come to the MTC once a week and teach sisters how to do make-up? Well, they do! And they give us each $200 of NuSkin make-up in the process! Haha, it was awesome. And Naomi Andersen (from HOBY) was at the same make-up class as me so it was wild and fun. I felt like back in Jr. High when we always had the Mary Kay parties and I was the guinea pig for the make-up. Haha, good times.
I am not critical of the process since it can only benefit the image of the church if sister missionaries maximize their appearances. They do after all represent the church and we want to present a good first impression.

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