Monday, August 17, 2009

Missionary Letter: Loss of Investigators When Missionary Goes Home

Monday, August 17, 2009 12:42 AM

Yeah! I finally figured out how to have the computer let me write pinyin, since everyone here uses a system called bopomofo, which makes no sense to me, however, I only figured out how to write pinyin for simplified characters...but I study traditional these days, which I actually have time to study characters at all. Mostly I focus on passing off lesson principles to my wonderful district leader E. Lords!

So, my computer messed up and had to be restarted, so I only have a 9 minutes! You probably realize that it was move calls since this e-mail is coming on Monday. In both wards I cover, Zhongli 1st and 2nd, only one person was moved. Elder Mauldwin is going down to Taoyuan, only a bus stop away. He's still in our stake. Haha. As for me, I'm in Zhongli another transfer of course. I'm really old in my area. Only E. Smith has been here longer than I have. Everyone says new missionaries don't usually get put in their area longer than 2 or 3, but I'm in for 4. We'll see what happens in 6 weeks, but for now my companion and I are doing some weeding out, because we have a whole lot of people who are not progressing, so we aren't going to focus on them anymore. We are focusing our efforts on people who are willing to keep commitments, and the rest if they find time and desire to start actually keeping commitments, we will pick them back up. It's hard when a missionary dies. A lot of investigators die with them, but there is still a lot to do here in Zhongli and we've really gotten to change some things and start developing some better relationships with a lot of people. Especially Zhongli 2nd ward. The relations in that ward could use improvement ...I know way more people in the other ward, because my companion did. So we've really been working on getting investigators way out in Pingzhen and getting to know that ward.

I've had a lot of responsibilities, and so it's been a little stressful, but I'm starting to get used to having more responsibilities and it's turning out to be good. I'm speaking more Chinese...meeting more people, and learning how to skirt around things I don't understand instead of freaking out. Haha. So yeah! This transfer should be fun. And now I have 2 minutes left. Sorry this email was like, hardly no substance, but the last one I spent like 40 minutes on...and now it's yeah not much choice. Write again next Wednesday!

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