Thursday, August 27, 2009

Unusual Missionary Aspiration: Milking A Cow

Sister Melanie Elizabeth Warner of the Wisconsin Milwaukee Mission has a very unusual missionary aspiration. I think since she is in dairy country so she developed a mild case of cow infatuation and the belief that every Wisconsinite has milked a cow. I guess being a city kid she never had much to do with cows herself. Being in Wisconsin I guess she felt she didn't fit in since this part of her life's experiences was lacking but now through the kindness of a fellow member Brother Hess she has finally accomplished one her goals. Most missionaries would probably tell you they want to eventually sky dive. Sister Warner is a good candidate for FFA. After her mission some good RM out on a ranch should snatch her up.

Sister Warner dream of milking a Holstein is described on her Something Worthwhile blog:

my MISSION DREAM was fulfilled this last monday ! I GOT TO MILK A COW ! i am a true wisconsinite now ! it was a cool expereience .. i milked MAGGIE .. the best cow there they said ! there was a goat named JERRY who kept trying to eat my clothes .. that was funny ! we also fed baby cows [sorry they are CALFS !] one was named PENNY and she was just born the day before ! they own horses as well and i know my LALA is jealous b.c. i got to be around those pretty creatures but hey you were just in THAILAND L .. hope you didnt forget to bring me something back :) i have learned all about cows and farms .. THANK YOU RANDALL HESS FOR MAKING OUR DREAMS COME TRUE ! FARM LIFE IS SO FUN ! seriously.
It is great that missionaries can be entertained so easily on a mission. It is kind of cute. I wonder if she will collect cows now like my daughter who is on a mission carries around a stuffed pig she calls P-Chan (see on pillow in Taiwan Taipei Mission). I think all of Sister Warner's one of her friends should send her a stuffed cow to place on her pillow to show their support of her reaching such a momentous personal goal.

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