Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Lesson Series: A Program with Promise

 From time to time the general authorities have missionaries try different approaches for finding investigators to teach.  One such program called Lesson Series was inaugurated back in March 2009.

Elder Gregory Malone shares with us  how the program was being done in the Virginia Richmond Mission:

We are starting a new program called lesson series. The First Presidency has asked that all missionaries teach at least 20 lessons a week to all kinds of members and nonmembers. So we go into members homes and share a POWERFUL 10 min lesson and then pray and walk out! It really only is supposed to last about 10-15 mins so not a hard job for the member. we do it once a week for 4 weeks straight. then supposedly by week 2 or 3, they have someone to invite into their home where we share another 15 min lesson. powerful once more. and this time its
all conversion from here on out!
I wonder how this program has been working out the past six months throughout the world.

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