Monday, October 12, 2009

No Touching Rule in Affect in MTC

Elder Brandon Mitchell's family reported on his blog yesterday on Sunday, 11 October 2009 that

The MTC presidency has now declared it flu season so we can no longer touch people.  No handshakes no hugs.  So instead we do air handshakes where you put your hand a couple inches away from the other persons hand and you shake your hand up and down in the air.  I think it is actually pretty amusing.  My companion and I started doing air fives with sound effects.  Basically I do an air five with someone else and we stop just a couple inches away from the other person’s hand.  Then my companion claps at the same time.  When it works out it is pretty cool. 
The precaution is necessary because he reported earlier in his post that there are 2,104 missionaries at the MTC currently so there is a possibility of flu spreading again.


MoSop said...

Flu danger was also the main catalyst for changing how missionaries are brought into the MTC now. Parents and families must do a "drop off" in front of the MTC. No one is allowed to accompany the missionary inside the building. An escourt meets the Elder or Sister and takes them immediately inside. In warning to mothers: Be prepared! There is rarely time for taking photos or hugging goodbye at that point, so be sure to do all of that before arriving at the MTC!

None of these precautions are exclusive to the MTC or the church. We have the same anti-handshaking rule in affect in my workplace and in my volunteer service locations. We are also encouraged not to touch the stair handrails, and if we must, to immediately sanitize. Hand sanitizer is required before entering and exiting each building and each individual office (dispensers are next to each door). One must use sanitary wipes on computer keyboards & the computer mouse before and after each daily use, and we are encouraged to wipe down our armchairs and desktops. These are good practices to get into on a permanent basis. You really can't be too careful when it comes to halting the spread of infection.

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