Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Unwinding As Missionaries

Tuesday, November 17, 2009 11:26 PM

Hello from Rainy Jilong City.  It was nice to get your guys emails finally!  This week when I introduced my family (Here in Taiwan it is standard to introduce your family, and as a missionary you carry around pictures, which by the way most of you look bad in the pictures I show everyone because nobody ever wanted to give me a picture of us all at the wedding like I used to ask for back in my first transfer! So I collected random pictures you sent me and stuff already on my camera and I show people those...with Franny drinking pickle juice and other such pictures...hahaha) then I was like, yeah, my sister is pregnant, except probably not, she probably has a baby, but i don't know it's gender or anything about it...then people would laugh because you know, I just make really interesting comments all the time. That's so cool I have a niece.  Why did you guys pick the name Chiara like Nikita's middle name? Nobody told me. 

This week was a lot of fun.  Last week we went crab hunting on Preparation day with our district.  I was really determined to catch SOMETHING because I went all the way out there, but by the time I decided I wanted to do it, all the rest of the Elders were done, they had caught about 5 crabs.  Well, they said I could try to catch them but the water was too high in the really easy places to catch a crab, so a native Taiwanese Elder found a crab in a deep hole and tried to get me to catch it...well there was no way, but I wanted to catch something so I kept standing there really still waiting for something to come into the part I was standing in...Well, I finally see one in a really open spot...super easy to get right?  Right, so I put my foot on a spot on the rock, and the next thing I know, I'm totally sitting in the water, my waist down is soaking wet...and the crab ran away. And I was so disappointed I said, "I can't get up!  It's so salty!"  Now...the two thoughts had nothing to do with each other, but the Elders quote me all the time now, they think it was so hilarious.  I just was stuck for a second, and the water got in my mouth and was really strong and gross, and ridiculous I fell because there was hardly any water at all, and i had to fall in and got my behind pretty wet...we stayed on the rocks catching the crabs the whole time, because missionaries cant be in the water and we didn't want to even skirt breaking rules...I'm ridiculously a clutz!  but anyways, in the end, I decided to catch a fish instead and I caught a tiny I was unique and got something, but it wasn't an edible fish, and so nobody ate it...and it died in freshwater anyways when we went out and got some shaved ice before the elders went back to the church and killed and ate the crabs. 

This week has been a little bit fast, I can't remember much else that happened.  Our investigators are doing pretty good, we have to do a lot more contacting than I'm used to as a sister, but I think it's really good for our area to have a lot of sisters.  It's fun all the time. Today we will probably go into Taibei, it's only 40 minutes away and sister Chen, a native taiwanese being trained here in Jilong with her companion Sister Phillips needs some stuff, so they want it to be together.  I'm excited.  It's Elder Cazier's birthday today, but the Elders are going to TGIF Friday's doing something sister Phillips and her companion don't want to do, so we probably won't go.  We'll make him brownies instead :)

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