Monday, December 21, 2009

Transfer 7 Week 1: Moving to Danshui (near Taipei)

Monday, December 21, 2009 2:53 AM

Okay, not a lot of time to write this week, especially because I'm MOVING IN................Yeah. So I have quite the news to tell you all this week. That is, my area is being whitewashed! Okay, well half way, because both my companion and I moved.Sister Chen Shuting stayed in the area to take care of it. Sister Olsen is her new companion. They are going to do great, My area was not REALLY white washed, Chen Jiemei was in half the area, but she is a little stressed because she wasn't teaching a lot of our investigators, but she has met them, so it's a little better than white wash, and they are doing great! President Grimley is the best and he gave me permission to go up to my area this Saturday for Jasmine's baptism, especially since Sister Kunzler went to Xinzhu's Jubei, so she's too far away to come back.

Now for the exciting news before I have to go (but worry not, I will call Friday) my new area is...DANSHUI. But even more exciting, my new companion is my own truly, MTC companion, Sister Mackenzie Ackerson! We both were shocked, in the best way possible.  In this area, we don't ride bikes, so I went from the rainy, hilly Jilong, to Danshui, Betou, Shipai, Tianmu, Shilin (yeah our area is huge so we ride the Metro (MRT) a fast bus throughout the Taipei area. The rumor is Danshui is the coldest place in the mission, but I don't care...I'm cold but happy, and Jilong was pretty cold, so far not a HUGE difference.  But to tell a super fast exciting experience, on move calls my district leader said I'd freak out, I was like, "I will not unless I'm going to Danshui to be with Sister Ackerson" and he was like, WHAT? How did you know you were going to Danshui to be with her? Hahaha.  Too great. I did freak a little. Sad for my area but too excited. We put my bike in the dark garage down in B3 for the transfer, and now we have much to plan and do. OH! And Elder Bret Smith is back in my district! We were together 4 in Zhongli, so I thought that was too cool. So many good friends here.

My district is already awesome. We have a brand new Taiwanese district leader Elder You. Talk more later! Love ya!

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