Monday, January 25, 2010

Status of Work in Danshui, Taiwan Taipei Mission

Pretty much all I have to say this week is that this area is going great.  Usually there are dramatic moments in every transfer, but there has been no drama this transfer and it is wonderful.

I've really gotten to see the Lord's hand in this work this transfer since we aren't teaching a million lessons, but our investigators that our progressing are doing really great! The Lord really has prepared people and it's amazing to be a part of his work. He will help us find, teach, and as they have been emphasizing so much lately, baptize.

Yan yuhang came to church on Sunday and I'm pretty positive she will make her 2/7 goal.  She has really made friends in the ward and she's good about keeping her commitment.  She's what Sister Ackerson and I call the real deal.  She came last night to a dinner one of the members had for 2 of their birthdays, and it was really good.  She stayed longer than we did.  Her child is the cutest thing ever.  I'm going to try to take a picture with him and send it to you so you can see.  His hair just spikes up really high.  I love it.

This week was just pretty normal, we had some really good lessons with Chen Zhirou and Whitney (Xie Huiru).  I really felt the Holy Ghost this week.  They are both doing great and progressing well.  We just need to figure out the best way to go about talking to Chen Zhirou's parents.  I've been scared to even talk about it, but we will talk about it this week and probably do a fast with her.  Whitney is doing good, she came to church in Shipai this week.  We did splits because we had to be in Shipai and Danshui.  It was a little hard on the members I think, but this awesome Sister Sun (pronounced sooen) came with her old father and picked me up.  It was HARD to get him up the huge hill that Beitou church is on top of, we switched off pushing his wheelchair and I was TIRED.  I felt bad because she isn't a super young lady, but she's strong!  She's awesome.  But yeah, she had to leave after Sunday School, so I was really worried during RS who would take me back to Zhuwei...the only person I really knew was Whitney, who is amazing and would be willing to do it for me, but since missionaries rules are stricter, it pretty much needed to be a member unless there was no other choice.  But the Relief Society president helped me find Chen Xiangru who was really good.  She had Whitney drive her scooter to Shipai and walked with me from the Beitou church to Zhuwei.  I'm grateful she was so willing and we had a really good talk.  Members are so great to me. I'm really glad for their support.  I really would have a hard time without such great members.

This Friday we will get move calls.  No idea what will happen since my companion and I are the same transfer, anything really could.  I'd like to stay together for one more transfer, but really I'm fine with anything.  Whatever God's will is, I know that's the best choice.  I probably won't have too many more areas on my mission, if I move, that will probably be my last area my whole mission.  When the assistants shared about the way move calls worked, I realized when I went senior companion, I'd die in that area in all likelihood.  It was a strange thought.  I'm an old missionary now. I get my "death letter" next transfer. It feels like I'm still relatively new.  The mission passes by fast! But no matter what happens, I've had a lot of fun this transfer, and I'm glad I got to be here in Danshui.  I love you guys!  I need to go clean out my mailbox.  You can send lots of pictures next week.  haha bye.

Sister Flora Bruno (or as they call me in Taiwan--Sister Fu

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