Sunday, February 7, 2010

GMail Comes into Missionaries Lives

My daughter Flora is always losing her emails and has done so several times on her mission this last year.  In addition she is always having to delete pictures and other things.  The Church finally got smart and decided that missionaries can use GMail which should simplify the process since many missionaries used it before they went out.

Elder Watkins of the Colorado Denver South Mission is ecstatic that the Church has changed its mail system with more storage and simplier usage:

Hallelujah! Houston, we have Gmail! The day has finally come when the Church migrated from its Novell system with 100MB of space, a bunch of errors, an ugly interface, slow response, and annoying navigation and no user-friendliness to the revolutionary Gmail-- the top-rated and easiest-to-use email client on the Earth, with a whopping 7419 MB of space (and counting =) )! As people can tell, I'm a missionary for the Church and Google! =)
I don't know if every mission is converting to GMail but I noticed since December many have.  I bet they will all eventually move over.  I consider this unusual since my daughter claimed that the email system she used timed them so I wonder what would cause the church to loosen up so much.  Many all those missionaries put an undue burden on the email resources of the church's servers.  Anyone got a clue why the change.

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Dallin said...

I'm not sure why, but I know it has been that way in many missions for a long time. In fact, I understand MTC missionaries went to gmail about three years ago. Sounds like heaven sent to me.