Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Watch Out for Those Baby Wipes: Humorous Incident at MTC

Elder Mitch Weaver going to the Albania Mission had a harrowing experience at the MTC with a baby wipe dispenser:

Interesting story: Earlier in the week we went to the computer lab to use a program that helps you learn the language by having you talk into a headset so you can compare your pronunciation with a native speaker and learn more vocabulary and phrases outside of class. Because of the seasonal and H1N1 flus and other various sicknesses, there is a ban on handshaking, (not scrictly enforced; they don't have handshake police that will excommunicate you if they catch you spreading germs or anything, we're just strongly discouraged from contacting each other), and there are hand sanitizer dispensers around the buildings and disinfecting wipes in the computer labs. I took one of said wipes to sterilize my keyboard, mouse and headset, but another wipe came along for the ride. I ripped off the straggler and tried to close the lid, but the lid wouldn't close. I stuffed the half-exposed wipe back in, but my finger got stuck. This was one of those holes with 4 razor-flaps. If I tried to take my finger out it would cut me like a machete cuts a twinkie. This was the first day we decided to only speak Albanian for half an hour. I could only say "Gisht! Obobo!" ("Finger! Oh-no!"). I eventually ran back to the classroom and used a pen to pry the flaps away. I got away with just a small scrape; I think someone upstairs was looking out for my finger. Of course everyone else just laughed at me, but in retrospect, I would have, too.
I bet there are people out there who have stuck their fingers in those baby wipe holes.  I did it once but I just used my other hand to press one side of the flaps and then pulled my finger out without injury.  Until now I never considered that this could be a common problem and people could be scraping or cutting their finger.  Someone should warn the manufacturer or the Consumer Protection Agency.  The maker of baby wipes should put warnings on the side of the containers cautioning users not to push their finger in.  I wonder if there are actually cases of people cutting themselves seriously. Be careful pushing those baby wipes back it.

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