Monday, May 17, 2010

Happenings in Bade City

Hello and welcome to a week in the life of....fafafafuuuu jie mei.傅姐妹 This week there is not a ton to talk about. Probably partly because I only have had 4 days since the last time we emailed since Preparation Day was changed to Wednesday last week for us. It was a pretty typical week. We spent a couple hours tracting...with not a lot of success this week...but it's okay. It comes and goes.

On Saturday, we spent most of the day doing a dress rehearsal, then being at a Primary talent show like performance. My companion was in it, so we had to be at the church for a good 5 hours was a fun performance though. My companion did really good. I'll show you a movie I made when I go home or something, since movie files are too big to send on this thing. The best part though, was there is this REAL shy boy, who you have to like force to say maybe 2 or 3 words to you. He is just a boy of not many words. Well, he does this Napoleon Dynamite type dance to a popular song here, that goes "Sorry sorry sorry sorry" and that's like the whole song...but it was just, I imagine in that movie when everyone freaked out and loved Napoleon...this boy puts a hat over his glassed face...and starts popping all these moves that nobody would expect out of him. It was like he became a whole new person. My companion and I were cracking up the whole time. Now every time I watch Napoleon Dynamite, I'll have a new appreciation to the reaction people have to his dance. It was super hilarious, but you all probably are not laughing. It's okay. I'll send some pictures anyways.

I guess the highlight of this four days, is Sunday Sandy 李家姗 and her 3 kids 杨 came to church! Yay! They just came for the last hour, but I was so excited they came. It was a little awkward for the kids in Primary I think, because it was their first time, and they couldn't do well on the games they were playing because they weren't familiar with the song they were playing a game, mapping out character by character the song onto the board. And there are these two twin boys who are kind of wild, and the one losing was a REAL bad sport that his brothers team was doing so much better than the mom said she didn't want her child, the same age, to become like that. Ek. But Katie, her daughter was a really good sport, even though she hardly knew the song, she still helped the Ding boy a lot in finding the needed characters. I had fun in Primary! It was the first time I've gone to Primary on my mission, so my first Chinese Primary. I used to go to Young Woman's a lot in Zhongli, but back then I didn't really understand completely. Haha...but basically I decided in some ways Primary is a lot more fun than Relief Society, in some ways...not (like if your patience level is low =)) But yeah, I had fun, and I hope they can keep coming. I told them, they will get better and better at the games as they come to church every week. So I was just happy on Sunday. Also Linda 陈柔怡 came to all 3 hours. Had a lot of questions like usual. Sundays questions were about our views on same sex relationships and why Nephi killed Laban, hindering his chance at repentance. I answered the Nephi Laban one to the best of my ability, and gave her a family proclamation to the world for the other, and said we could continue to discuss that on Friday. So it was a very fun filled church on Sunday.

It was really fun Sunday afternoon as well (um, in the end anyways). Good time to go tracting right? But nobody was in a good mood or something because everyone was being mean. Only 2 people were even nice to me in like a whole 2 hours. Well, we ended up running into the Elders, I was on foot (because I like to be on foot tracting, it gives me more mobility) and my companion had her bike (she likes to put her stuff in there, it works for her) and we talked to them for a few minutes about how we were just tracting until some appointments at night. So, because the traveling assistants were in town, the Elders ended up being a 4some, and they called and asked if we wanted to take a break from tracting, and go contacting at a busy street light with them. So, they came and found us, and we contacted at the busiest street light around the area we were tracting at. It was fun. It's been a long time since I've gone contacting in a group of missionaries. We wanted to do it in my last last area, but it never worked out together, so this was my first time since Jilong and it brought back the good memories of Jilong contacting on Sunday nights..especially because one of the traveling assistants was in my old Jilong district. So yeah, I was grateful we were able to do that with the Elders, and sometimes street contacting is a little less pressured than door contacting, because you aren't bothering people at home, so it was a nice change up. After that, we just ate dinner, then went to our night appointment with a new member Yao Yuer. She's really cute. She has 8 siblings and they live in a small little apartment, so it was really nice they invited us in, and child 2 in his thirties who is atheist was willing to even listen to our lesson. He said their family accepts all religions. So I thought that was good he said he was supportive of his little sister. I was glad to get an opportunity to get to know her a little better. I hadn't really gotten the chance to talk to her yeah, fun times.

That's pretty much all that's happened that I can think of. Don't forget to write me next week, all of you guys have not done a good job these last 2 weeks. Hello aren't you out of college?! Haha so write!

我爱你们。每天看你的摩尔门经和祈祷。 不要忘记好吗?。 (Aka I love you guys. Don't forget to read and pray daily!) Ha Simplified characters look so weird to me these days.

Sister Flora Bruno 傅姐妹

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