Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Mission President Attends Daughter's Wedding Reception Virtually: How to Be in Two Places at Same Time

I have heard of creative ways of handling a kid's wedding but this is one of the most unusual ones that I have come across in some time.  A mission president attended his daughter's wedding via Skype.  He actually greeted all the wedding guests on a big screen television while sitting at his desk in the mission field.

Kenneth Musser Woolley, president of the Russia Moscow West Mission remained in the field while his wife Athelia took care of the wedding back in the United States.  Ken's sister Ginger shared pictures and an account 30 June 2010 in her post June Wedding with a Twist.  You can check out her blog for more pictures.

It gives new meaning to ways that a mission president can participate using technology and comply with the mission rules.  I wonder if missionaries can use the same means should their siblings get married or relatives die.  I found this fascinating and a creative approach to being in two places at the same time.


Michael said...

Mission Presidents have a lot of leeway in how they do things in the Mission that the missionaries don't. And in fact he did not attend the wedding, he attended the reception.

NRougeau said...

I agree with what Michael said. He attended the reception. Missing the wedding is something that can never be recaptured for either the father or the daughter, and I wish the Church would soften that, too. There was a time that it was totally frowned upon for missionaries to go home to see a dying family member or attend a funeral, and I think many people suffered as a consequence. Now they have relaxed that rule. I think the attendance of a parent at a child's wedding is one of those events where there should be some leeway, too.