Friday, July 2, 2010

Scott Lovejoy: Master MTC Teacher (Blog of the Month)

It is not often that I find much about male teachers at the MTC for some reason very few male teachers seem to be blogging about their experiences teaching there.  Most of the time what I find is provided by their wives or by a female teacher.  This time was no exception.  I came across a rather cute post by Michelle Lovejoy about Scott Loveyoy who has spent three years teaching at the MTC and taught over 500 English speaking missionaries.

Michellle says on her blog Lovejoy in End of an Era:

He gets letters from his missionaries often thanking him for helping them during their MTC stay, for teaching them what it means to be a missionary and how to serve the Lord.

He knows Preach My Gospel better than anyone I know.  You can ask him what is on page 176 and he can give you a pretty good idea.  He has most of the quotes in there memorized.

Scott has a love for missionary work.  Between two years on his mission and three years teaching at the MTC, he's devoted countless hours to helping to preach the gospel.  Scott has a goal of serving at least six missions.

I admire this man's devotion to the missionary cause he is a man after my own heart. Check out the blog it is a really cute post.  I hope he makes all six missions I will be lucky to make two or three.

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