Tuesday, August 17, 2010

10/10/10 Program: Canada Toronto West Mission Implements New Program

Elder M. Russell Ballard with two new mission presidents Bradley Brower (left) and Len Greer (riight) both who served in CTM June 2010
Elder Macaulay Wilson, a missionary serving in Bracebridge, Ontario, Canada shares with us a new 10/10/10 program implemented by his new mission President Brad Brower in the Canada Toronto West Mission:

Zone conference was great. I really like my zone and everything and it was cool getting to know President Brower a little more along with his wife. He has a pretty energetic personality so it's kind of cool to see him in action. According to Elder Blaisdell, he's a lot different from the previous mission president, President Middleton. President Middleton had a more reserved kind of a personality. But I guess there's kind of a cool story I can tell you about him, or about a challenge he gave us. He called it the 10/10/10: the first 10 means talking to someone within the first ten minutes that you leave the door, the next 10 means talk to 10 people outside or your planned finding activities for the day, and the last 10 means present the Book of Mormon to ten people throughout the day. It's pretty cool seeing how well it works and how the Lord truly does bless missionaries as they try to carry out this challenge/goal. Whenever we walk outside onto our not-very-busy street, there's always one person just walking around or hanging out in their front yard that we can talk to. They don't usually ever listen to what we say, but at least we are able to get the goal in for the day and have the Spirit with us that much more. Usually after we walk by that person we don't see anyone else out on the street for another half hour or so because there's not usually people out that early in the morning. Pretty cool seeing the Lord's hand at work like that every day.

It is always interesting to see what programs that mission presidents try in their missions.

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