Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Apostolic Blessing More Powerful Than A Shredded Tire

Elder Damon Janis of the Denver Colorado South Spanish-speaking mission shares with us the fulfillment of an apostolic blessing he received in the MTC from Elder Richard G. Scott:

The mountains are green, lush, and beautiful, in fact last p-day we went up a mountain in Glenwood Springs and down a bike path, which turned out to be a lot harder and more dangerous than we expected, but also incredible!

The bike I was on got a flat tire coming down the bike path, which was steep, winding, and had some rocks and cliffs that were a lot more dangerous than we'd been told about, unfortunately I didn't realize that my tire was flat and I was basically riding down the mountain on my back rim.

The Lord miraculously protected me though, and I didn't have any problems or have reason to notice my tire hanging by threads to my rim till I was off the mountain and on pavement again, and then I was slipping around and almost fell off on the flat ground, and I looked back and saw the tattered thing hanging limply off the tire!

The Lord really does protect his missionaries, if my tire had slipped (which logically it should have) on one of the sharp turns with a cliff right there, I'd probably be in the hospital right now or worse.

I'm definitely going to be a lot more careful from now on, but I think the Lord protected me because we had no idea of what we were getting into from what other people had told us about the path. That's a direct fulfillment of a blessing Elder Scott gave me in the MTC, he told all the missionaries there that we'd be protected physically if we 1. weren't being stupid, and 2. followed the spirit. I heard from a sister in my MTC district, who got hit by a car while on a bike, flew off, and didn't have any scratches or bruises. Is an apostolic blessing real? I believe so.
It never fails to amaze me the places that missionaries go where they could be in physical danger.  The Lord must have a host of angels working overtime to protect them. I know I did a few stupid things on my mission like walk on a frozen lake in the early spring that could have cracked.  Since I never learned how to swim I would have definitely been a goner.  My companion poo poo the idea of our actually going around the lake since we were late for an appointment.  He made me drop an old 2x4 on the ice and run across it.  Looking back now I can't image what I was thinking to put myself in danger.  The funny thing is that no matter how you try to avoid danger it finds you anyway.  Good thing apostles think to bless them it probably helps them think before they act and who knows the Lord just might be honoring their blessings on the missionaries.

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