Friday, August 20, 2010

Going Postal: Stories From the (MTC) Mailroom (Blog of the Month)

Carrie Elizabeth on the job at MTC Mailroom
I am always on the lookout for interesting and/or funny material.  This month's blog of the month: Going Postal: Stories from the Mailroom will not disappoint you as it has both.  It is written by a young woman Carrie Elizabeth who works in the MTC mail room.

Male employees with mail room supervisor
 Carrie Elizabeth actually has blog statement describing why she started the blog in June 2010:

I work in the MTC Mailroom part time while I'm going to school.My Grandma has loved hearing stories of the interactions between us employees and the Elders and Sisters here. She suggested I should write a book documenting all the stories, however due to time I thought, "Why not a blog?" I already blog quite often, so it wouldn't take as much time to put the stories together here, and I wouldn't have a limit on length.
I think you will find this blog interesting and worth your time!

She shares some of her more interesting letters that mostly need forwarding to various elders or sisters.  One shocking one is the Ultimate Dear John post.  A missionaries girl friend sends him back his gold engagement ring with a note explaining she is pregnant by his brother and will be marrying the brother in a couple weeks.

A second post English Please describes a gungho SYL elder that will only speak French to the mail room employees despite the fact none of them even know the language.  He ignores all attempts to get him to speak in English to them and describe his frustration and theirs by the exchange..

A third post The MTC Is Ruining My Relationship is the story of an elder who wants them to overnight his personal journal back to his girl friend so they can stay in touch.  When they tell him it will take 3-4 days he gets loud and abusive and storms off.

It is a mildly amusing blog.

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