Friday, August 27, 2010

The MTC Cereal Challange

Elder Russell Maxwell Trying to Break MTC Cereal Eating Record
Every now and then I come across a zany missionary ritual.  The MTC is full of them including the MTC Cereal Challenge.  From time to time there have been an elder or two who has incredibly eaten over one hundred bowls of cereal.  I don't know the final tally of how many this elder actually ate but I bet it was quite a few.   It is hard to imagine what drives them to such gluttony but it helps relieve the stress when you have an all you can eat type of food experience. Even if he only ate one it must keep the dishwashers busy cleaning them. It is not hard to believe that occasionally an elder or sister might eat a prodigious amount of food.  I bet the sisters prefer having ice cream eating contests rather than cereal ones.

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