Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Multiple Missionaries How Common Is It?: The Denton Missionaries and The Papritz Army Family with Four Missionaries

Connie Denton
 Last week I posted on the Gonzales missionaries who have three missionaries out.  I really love the upbeat personality of Amy G she makes some good comments on my blog from time to time. I thought that three missionaries was a lot of missionaries and that there couldn't be more than a handful families with that many.  But this week I discovered that there are families with as many or even more missionaries out.

I learned of the Denton missionaries who also will  have three missionaries out when Whitney Denton goes out in September to the Pennsylvania Pittsburgh Mission. Whitney Denton commented on the Gonazales missionaries: "That's how our family will be! Elder (Kyle) Denton (1) went out June 2009 (Argentina Buenos Aires North Mission). Elder (Cody) Denton (2) went out June 2010 (Nicaragua Managua North Mission). Sister (Whitney) Denton will go out September 2010!"  I thought that was a lot of missionaries but I have never before heard of a family with four missionaries out at the same time until now.  I think that this family is very courageous as I read George's account about Connie's fight with cancer and the couple's efforts to support their children on their missions. Kickin' It With Connie chronicles her fight overcoming cancer and the daily triumphs she is making. Connie is an inspiration to me and for others facing physical infirmities.  The  Denton family even in a time of adversity are showing their love through serving the Lord.  I am praying for Connie to beat the odds and for her children and husband .

The Dunoskovic family in Vermont had four missionaries out until July 2010.  The Church News reported in May 2010:

As a direct result of those efforts by parents to promulgate enthusiasm for missionary work among their children, the Dunoskovic family of the Montpelier Vermont Stake has four children simultaneously serving full-time missions.
 Annie, due to return home next month, is a Spanish-speaking sister in the Washington Kennewick Mission; Stewart, serving in the Nevada Las Vegas Mission, finishes his mission in August; William speaks Cambodian in the California Long Beach Mission and will serve through December 2011; and Andrew, called to the Spain Malaga Mission, entered the MTC earlier this month.
This last week I learned about a family with four potential missionaries. The Papritz family will have four missionaries out by February 2011. ! Tammy Papritz has two missionaries currently in the field with two slated to go in the next six months. She says on her profile:
This will keep everyone updated on all of the adventures of the FOUR Papritz missionaries. YES FOUR!!!! This little Army of missionaries will be serving all around the world..... at the same time. (For at least 9 months) As each goes out the email will be posted here so that you all can enjoy the experiences they are having on their missions.

On her sidebar Tammy lists Elder Austin Papritz (Wisconsin Milwaukee Spanish-speaking), Sister Amy Papritz (Taiwan Taipei same mission my daughter Flora served in),Sister Autumn Papritz (waiting for mission call) and "Elder Alden Papritz--He will be attending BYU – Idaho this fall and winter. He turns 19 in February and will have his papers in this December. He will hopefully be leaving for his mission in April 2011."

I have a hard time supporting one missionary at a time but I know I couldn't afford $1,600 a month for four.
I remember when I had two daughters on a mission (Genevieve, Korea Daejeon and Gainina, Italy Rome) at the same time in 2007.  My ward helped me out with one of them. I offered to pay both but my bishop knew I was being pressed financially.

My daughter Gianina was in the MTC January through March 2007.  Elder Boyd K. Packer went to the MTC to speak. After his talk he greeted a few missionaries in the choir.  He met my daughter Gianina who was serving in the Italy Rome Mission he asked her about her family.  She told him she and her sister were both serving at the same time.  He told her "Your parents would be blessed for their sacrifice for keeping two missionaries out."  I think that all of these families will be blessed for their sacrifices.  I wonder if there are any families with more than four missionaries serving out there. I think these families are to be commended for their missionary effforts and the price they are paying to have multiple missionaries in the field.

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