Thursday, September 9, 2010

Elder Yoshihiko Kikuchi Personally Training Missionaries in new Simplified Curriculum

This week down in the Texas Houston Mission Elder and Sister Yoshihiko Kikuchi are visiting President and Sister Todd and Sharon Hansen and all the missionaries in the mission during Zone Conference Week.  Elder Kikuchi is taking a personalized approached to teaching the missionaries.

An older couple Elder and Sister Scott and Julie Stringfellow wrote:

All three days of the Zone Conference were a spiritual feast for me personally as well as for all of the missionaries. Elder Kikuchi taught the new Simplified Curriculum that the Church is teaching now in the MTC to all of the missionaries. He is a master teacher and a humble servant of God who teaches with so much power, the Spirit was so strong each day. Even though he taught the same thing to each set of missionaries each day, it was different every day as well. On the first day he was teaching how to teach the Joseph Smith experience in the Sacred Grove and Scott and I got to be "the investigators" and he taught by the "show them" don't just "tell them" method and he got down eye level and looked me straight in the eye and sincerely shared the 1st vision, slowly and powerfully! WOW! It was an experience that I won't ever forget. What a blessing to be out here serving a mission.
Elder Kikuchi, former mission president in the Hawaii Honolulu Mission has a lot of experience in missionary work and teaching.  When I worked at BYU--Hawaii in 1987-1989 he was the mission president there.  He had one elder who baptized nearly a thousand people. Elder Kikuchi is a real go-getter.

It is hard to believe that he has served in the Seventy now for thirty-three years, where have all the years gone.  I remember meeting him through my good friend Dillon Inouye back in the late 1970s and early 1980s. He married my wife and I in 1983 in the Salt Lake Temple.  I actually helped him do his book Proclaiming the Gospel: Spencer W. Kimball on Missionary Work. It was one of my first efforts at compiling general authorities statements and helped prepare me to compile the Teachings of Ezra Taft Benson later. I also met my wife who helped extract quotes for him.  Elder Kikuchi is a dynamo when it comes to missionary work.  I bet it is a treat for the missionaries that he is personally teaching missionaries in the areas of the church he supervises.

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