Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Call for Volunteers: Member Missionary Online Training Center Comes To Facebook

Selected members of the LDS Church have a chance to get involved as member missionaries online by teaming up with missionaries at  the Referral Center at the Provo MTC.  The RC missionaries are looking for volunteers to help them engage in the online process.  They solicit help through the use of a Facebook page to find possible people to help them gain ideas.  Then they have you give them your Skype name so they can call you on a weekly audio Skype chat to discuss ways of doing this or solicting ideas on ways they can improve the online missionary process.  If the missionaries and their leaders think you have something to contribute they will invite you to give them ideas at one or more of their sessions. You could end up becoming an online missionary or consultant depending on your skill set.

If you want to read up on their Missionary Mingles check out Gideon Burton's O That I Were An Angel: New Media for Mormon Missionary Work.  I explained about it in an earlier post On Missionary Mingles but now you can do something about actually participating in the missionary process. If you are a experienced Facebooker or power blogger or just plain interested in getting involved, they can use you.

Check out their Facebook group:

Organizations - Religious Organizations
The OTC is for Latter-day Saints who wish to spread the gospel online, are ready to receive specific instruction for how to do so, and are willing to work alongside full-time online missionaries who can guide them in the process.
Privacy Type:
Closed: Limited public content. Members can see all content.

If you want to get involved now is the time to do it. You can be in on the ground floor in a historic new method of LDS online missionary work. Make a difference if you know something about social media and ways to use it! Be a pioneer.

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