Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Facing Opposition


SO DEAR ELDER IS ALIVE!! Hahah so I  can get dear elder. I think it takes about two weeks to get but pretty  sure that's faster than other mail I already got, two dear elders. So send  them if that's all you can do.

The language is still hard I think its because I have three companions and I haven't been teaching a lot. But its okay, I actually just need to focus more... One day this language will come through work and dedication and lots of prayer. Yesterday morning we  were running and I slid like 10 feet and hit the cement hard with my  knee... I got cement burn bad! Then I got in a fight with the stairs. I got a  few bruises but I think I won. :)

Then I got my companion's sickness  yesterday and to end the day the members said my companions better sell  me for a chicken at the market because I don't really understand the language! Satan is really working hard on me my first transfer but I know I'm on the winning side. I'm just sticking out the bad and offending Satan the best way I know how.

None of our investigators were at church  this Sunday but its a new week and there is no holiday! We have a  golden investigator Emerson Ugdiman. He is 16 and seems super ready to accept the gospel. He has a part member family I hope we can help him see what he is missing. He came to the temple open house last Thursday so he is taking steps in the right direction.

I miss everyone and hope the holiday was awesome Dear elder me if you have time!!

Nahigugma ko kaninyo

Sister Bruno

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