Friday, April 29, 2011

ANNOUNCEMENT: Introducing The Mormon Guard

Mormon Guard

Hi, my name is Dan Deceuster and Frank has been kind enough to allow me the special opportunity of announcing an important new movement among Mormon bloggers- the Mormon Guard. You can see the official website at

The goal of Mormon Guard is to give Mormon bloggers across the globe all of the education, tools and resources they need to get their blogs showing up at the top of Google. And I'm not talking about the paid ads or anything, I mean having Google put your website as the #1 results if someone searches "what do mormons believe in" for example.

It's no secret that there are several anti's out there trying to spread incorrect or misleading information on the internet. They are succeeding in some instances. There are searches you can do in Google like "what do mormons believe on who jesus is" where the #3 result is There are so many Mormon bloggers out there that we simply cannot allow this to happen.

We know of all the mormon blogs out there. We know where the good content is. The problem is Google doesn't know. Google and other search engines have a very specific method of indexing and ranking websites. By understanding it and catering to it, you can get good results in search engines. is the place to find out how to do that. If we combine our efforts and build up our content in a search engine friendly way, we can dominate the search results and flood them with positive, correct information about the Church. I have a 12 page guide that can walk you through how this is done.

To get started, make sure you have a profile at so I can confirm you are indeed a member of the church. Then in your profile or your facebook profile, add Mormon Guard to your interests. This is so that I can verify you are indeed who you say you are. I don't want this guide to get into the wrong hands.

Once I can confirm this, go to and register in the sidebar on the right. I'll add you to our list and email you the guide. Feel free to email back with any questions on how to do anything.

Thanks for your help and support in these efforts. I think defending the truth online is important, and the biggest battle ground is in the search engines. Join the Mormon Guard now so we can win the fight!

Dan Deceuster


Sammy said...

Thanks for your work. Do you also have a Twitter feed for Mormon Guard?

Dan Deceuster said...

I don't have a twitter feed for mormon guard as I don't want to make it super public or anything. Then undoubtedly some anti would hear about it and try and get their hands on it, which is the last thing I want. So it's more of a word of mouth type of thing and there is a blog on the site you can follow for some updates as well.