Friday, July 8, 2011

Canada Montreal Mission Joins LDS Social Media Pilot

Elder Kevin Day
Elder Stephen Porter
The tenth mission has joined the LDS Social Media Pilot. About four months ago I noticed that two missionaries Elder Kevin Day and Elder Stephen Porter became friends with Michael Hemingway, director of the new LDS Social Media Pilot. I waited to post something because I thought eventually missionaries would join and there would be an influx of them. This did not prove to be the case because mission president Nelson Croxall Cannon is just getting a grasp of the potential of social media and is moving slowly.  He doesn't have a blog nor does he Facebook yet.

Today I chatted with one of the missionaries under Elder Kevin Day's Facebook account and found out that four missionaries are sharing his account: Elder Kevin Day, Elder Spencer Erickson, Elder Wayd Odle and Elder David Mongillo. The last three missionaries have only come aboard recently. According to a missionary I spoke with Elders Day, Erickson, Odle and Mongillo use Facebook on a rotating basis with each one able to go online about an hour a day and rotating each day.  They share gospel ideas with their investigators and use FB notes to answer concerns.  They are exploring the idea of getting a blog but haven't decided yet whether to do individual ones, a group blog, or whether to join an existing one like Missionary Media.

So there are really five missionaries using two FB accounts. Eventually the ones sharing an account will be approved for individual ones as the mission president becomes a little more comfortable with social media. I saw the same thing in the Montana Billings Mission which actually exploded. I hope it doesn't follow the Michigan Lansing one or the Louisiana Baton Rouge experience which had very limited use or discontinued the pilot altogether.

 The following missionaries have posted Facebook pages:

( Elder Spencer Erickson, Elder Wayd Odle and Elder David Mongillo share his account)

We welcome aboard the new mission unit and hope they find the success that the other active groups have.

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