Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Rejecting the Book of Mormon: Missionary Sadness

President Schmutz, This week I reached my one year mark. It has been the 'best year for my life' for sure. I have learned how to overcome weakness. I have learned how to live with another person for 24 hours straight. I have come to appreciate every blessing from Heavenly father. I have grown to love the Filipino culture, people, and food. My taste, desires, and life has changed on the mission. We are excited for this month, it's going to be busy, but it will be very enjoyable. We just got done with general conference, and then this Saturday is zone interview, and then district conference, and then the 20th of October we will have the once in a life time chance to go to listen to Elder Holland. If you didn't know before Elder Holland is my favorite speaker. I prayed in the MTC that he would be a guest speaker, and he ended up coming twice to speak. This really is a blessing to be once again in his presence. He is an awesome motivational speaker. In the MTC he spoke about if we ever wanted to go home or be disobedient to remember that we are examples to the younger generation, and that his grandchildren look at the missionaries as examples and that if we ever got lazy remember his grandchildren and that not to disappoint them. I still remember his words after a year here in the field. Here on the mission everyday is like a new chapter in life. Anything could happen! The mission is an adventure we can not guess what will happen. For example we were really excited about visiting a new investigator Sister Panga yesterday. We visited her just before lunch. &Because of the storm that was going through Bohol it was rainy and overcast. We reached her house mud speckled our legs. Sister Panga came out of her house holding the Book of Mormon and the restoration pamphlet. She explained that she and her husband had been fighting and that she wanted to work it out with him. She explained that he did not approve of her listening anymore. Our hearts just dropped. Our last visit she had been asking questions and told us she had talked to her husband. He had met us on a pjeepney before and said it was okay for us to visit. I just thought what had changed in those few short days. She wanted to give back the Book of Mormon. We testified. No change she insisted that we take the book back, because her husband told her to. She was kind about it and asked us to respect her decision. Sister Canoneo told her she could hide the Book of Mormon. Sister Panga was afraid if she kept the book that her husband would find it and be angry. We testified that one day her husband's heart would change and if ever that happened not to be shy to give us a call. Sister Panga did this in a very dignified manner and we were not annoyed or mad that she gave us back the Book of Mormon, but rather saddened and our hearts hurt. Walking away we just sang at the same time "magpadayon ta!" (we will continue) and laughed. The storms of the mission can either get you down or lift you up. I'ts a choice and we decided to count our blessings rather look at the disappointments. ;We treated ourselves to Payag restaurant, and got back to work. It was raining all day yesterday, and by inspiration Elder Fisher our fearless district leader sent a text that morning and I quote "Hey team! padayon sa inyong pagkakugi, hinumdumi ng ur effectiveness as a missionary is based on ur effort to find, teach, and bap... so go find dem souls! 'love Elder Fisher & Elder Narvasa'. " (Hey Team! Continue your diligence and remember that your...) His text was inspired because of the rain we were punted all day, but we continued in faith. Thanks to the encouragement of Elder Fisher. Despite being punted we taught Sister Jessie yesterday morning, and she seems to be progressing. She asked when her baptism was. ;Before she said that she wasn't ready for baptism. We also ended the night by having and FHE with the Ugboc faily and Brother Nelson about the Book of Mormon. Our investigators are progressing. The marriage of Sister Margie Casquejo is upon us. We are not sure of the exact date, but we plan that it will be 22 Oct. We will continue to follow-up. Sister Charity Ondoy is very excited for her baptism the 22 Oct. We can see that she really does has a testimony. All of our other investigators seem to be on again off again, but we will use your advise and return to restoration Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon. The work is progressing here in the Philippines and we are working hard to stay worthy to be blessed. Sister Canoneo has shown great leadership and has also been a great example. I am grateful for her up beat personality. For her words of encouragement, and for her small acts of kindness. I am enjoying the work. Sincerely, Sister Bruno

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