Thursday, March 8, 2012

YSACentral: An Appeal for Help

Hi Dr. B.,

We’re building a Social Network and web based applications just for LDS singles that will benefit and be of great interest to your blog’s LDS readers, especially to singles, their families and their ward leaders. It’s like a combination of Facebook, the hobby group website and the event planning website

This community driven project is YSAcentral. Once complete it will help single members of the church overcome some pretty big communication and social roadblocks that currently complicate their lives.

Given that your readers would benefit knowing about it, we invite you to help them discover YSAcentral and the positive impact it will have on their lives.

We’re reaching out to LDS bloggers this week to help initiate a coordinated “burst of momentum” to help rally support to get the remaining 10% of YSAcentral completed. Without the community support, we won’t be able to get it launched. To rally support and raise awareness of YSAcentral, we’re doing a donation drive for the next 28 days called “Pitch-in to get YSAcentral launched”. We would love to include you in the group of influential bloggers who are talking about YSAcentral and sharing it with their LDS audience.

This is not an official church project. We're just single members of the church trying to do our part to solve problems and make the lives of us young single adults better. We’re excited to be so close to getting YSAcentral launched. Not only will your readers be grateful for letting them know about it, but we’ll be very grateful to you as well.

To learn more on how you can get involved, take a look here: If we can answer any questions or help in any way, let us know. We’d love to see any blog posts about the project, so please send us a link. Josh Hall YSAcentral 801-885-5974

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