Monday, March 25, 2013

Elder Cruz Motivates the Missionaries

This week we had mission conference!!!! Elder Cruz from the seventy came and gave a talk. It was really awesome! It gave me such encouragement to go out and find the people that are ready to accept the gospel. It gave me more will power to do the things that I need to, but most importantly it increased my testimony in the Savior. Something that I learned is that salvation isn't easy and it wasn't meant to be. But what we suffer here is just a fraction of what the Savior suffered for each one of us and that when we trust in him and keep his commandments he promises to help us overcome whatever were suffering. This Sunday the bishopric didn't know who was talking in church, so I volunteered to speak. I was so nervous because I didn't have anything prepared, but luckily for me I remembered Franny´s talk which she sent me last week and used the same scripture in Mark and spoke with the spirit. It ended up being really good for me. It boosted my confidence in my ability to speak Portuguese and it reminded me that Heavenly Father is helping me with whatever thing that I need and ask for in Faith. I Can´t believe that Franny is going into the MTC tomorrow. I know that she´s going to be an awesome missionary. I hope that everyone is good. Hows sharing the gospel with your friends coming????


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