Monday, April 1, 2013

Doubling Teaching Pool

Last week of the Transfer. This week was good. Yesterday Denise, our recent convert, told us she wants to serve a mission and that she already told her family, that she´s been praying about it, and that she wants to start saving money!!!!!! And Bruna, our other recent convert, gave a talk on standards!!!! I´m so proud of them and the changes they´ve made in their lives and their willingness to serve the Lord. It´s so awesome to see. HAPPY EASTER to everyone. Here in Brazil it isn't the biggest deal ever. They have these big chocolate eggs and they give their kids chocolate eggs and that's all, buttttttt Bishop Nilson is awesome and he bought me and my companion one and surprised us at church. He is seriously one of the best bishops in the world!!!! I´m grateful for the savior and his sacrifice and his Resurrection. One day all of us are going to be resurrected as well!!!! We  saw many little miracles happen this week and we doubled our teaching pool, I´m excited to work hard to show my gratitude to the savior!!!!!! I´m also REALLY excited for general conference this week. I´m hoping to really use it as a tool to help people know that we really have a PROPHET today that communicates with Heavenly Father to lead and guide us!!!!! One week till transfers. I don´t know if I´ll stay or if I´ll go.... I´m hoping to stay because I´m finally loving the ward and I´m finally getting a hang of everything, but then again I don´t want to get my hopes up because everytime this happens I end up leaving...... ANyways I love you all!!!! Hows it coming with sharing the gospel?!??!!?!?!?!
Sister Bruno

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