Monday, April 8, 2013

The Point of Missionary Work

AHOY RODINY! Jak se mas?
How are all you? I miss you sooooo much! This week was a blessing and a struggle. Did you all get my e-mail? I'm concerned because I don't have all your e-mails so I can't write to you!!!! So I guess I'll just write it in this e-mail sorry if I get personal.

Dad-Love you. Did you and Michael and Nikki watch conference? It was so good. If you didn't then I'm going to punch you. Not really, but saying that reminded me of pre-mish days. And now I regret putting that. So I won't really punch you I just want you guys to watch it so much.
I LOVED LOVED LOVED every single talk. Probably my favorite was Pres. Uchtdorf's on light. It just struck me to my very soul it seems. I think I have been so focused on what I can do to make myself and my companion better missionaries that I missed the point of missionary work. THE PEOPLE! So after hearing all the talks on light and being a difference in this dark world, I finally realized, OH you are suppose to serve others rather than trying to fix them, or worrying how much Czech you know. So I am still going to work diligently but also remember that charity to our fellow men matters more. I loved the quote given in conference "His arms are outstretched with yours in service to fellow beings, including your family. So if there is anything I can do for you guys let me know! I'll try my best, but I'm staying pretty busy!
Also I loved when sister Dalton said to "Step out of the world and into Heaven" How beautiful! That's kind of how I feel being a missionary. It's my opportunity to step out of the world and find Heaven on earth. And you guys can do it to. Families were stressed (as usual) in conference and it made me miss you guys sooooo much. Speaking of Gigi and Eric- Thanks so much for the dearelder. You seriously got me with the pregnancy April Fools. I WAS SO MAD, but then I laughed so hard. Thank you sooooo much for helping me get on my mission! I couldn't have done it with out you.
And speaking of my Birthday, I got heart attacked by my zone and they left letters on hearts with candy. I was so grateful. They are seriously so nice and so funny.
I still can't believe I am at the MTC, and I will be for the next 6 weeks. I am learning so much.
On Sunday after conference we had a devotional where Vocal Point sang, if you can get every song ever from them. They are so great.
Basically I cry and laugh and love so much here. And everything is really hard but I know that it's for my benefit and for the people of the Czech Republic. I can't wait to gooooo!!!!
I miss you all and want to hear everything that's happening. Is Michael done with his papers? Did Nikki watch the Young Women's broadcast? Did any of you? If you didn't watch it. It made my heart soar.
Just want to Leave you with the scripture Pres. Monson gave in his talk D&C 1:39. Truth abideth forever. And the truth is I love you so so much and want you to be happy.
Sestra Bruno

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