Friday, May 17, 2013

Everything Magnified 10X on a Mission

This has been the hardest week thus far of my mission. Which seems silly because I'm only in the MTC... but I have found out that everything is magnified by 10x on your mission. Your spiritual sensitivity, your emotions, even your HUNGER!
I have been feeling really frustrated with myself because I haven't been learning the language. Czech is hard. It's really really hard. But not just that, I feel like sometimes my priorities are out of wack! Which was hard because I don't want to waste a single second wasting time on myself. I have realized this week that this time in my life, my mission, is so great because my relationship with God has been magnified by 10x. Every emotion that I am feeling I know has been for my benefit. As hard as it has been, and as much as I have cried, I have learned so much. And I am trying so hard to remember the motto Joy in the Journey. In the temple today the lyric "I am weak but thou art strong" kept going through my head. I can't even remember what hymn that is from... I hope it's from a hymn... I think? But it reminded me of the scripture Alma 26:16 "I will not boast of myself but I will boast of my God" I don't have much to boast of. My Czech is spatny (bad), my knowledge is incomplete, but I will boast of God because through him and his love, I can became perfect. HE SENT CHRIST FOR US! AND JESUS WANTED TO COME! Isn't that INCREDIBLE! Please don't ever forget that. I have been trying so hard to remember that every second because I have found that when I think about Jesus and all he has done, I think less about myself, and that is a wonderful feeling!
 I'm trying so hard to be like Jesus. On Sunday during Relief Society we got to hear from Janice Kapp Perry (the one who wrote that song, and As Sisters in Zion, and A Child's Prayer, etc) And guess what??? She rewrote the lyrics to As Sisters in Zion and now it's called the Sisters of Zion and it's about the mission age changing and about sister missionaries. We were the first ever to sing it! It was beautiful. It talked about how angels will be with us as we share the message of the restored gospel.
On tuesday we got to hear from ANOTHER apostle. Elder Russell M. Nelson. It WAS SO AWESOME! He said the same thing.How we can ask people who have passed on to help guide us with the work. We can pray for angels to help us. I know all of you can pray for angels too.
It's been a really hard week for you it sounds like and I just want to let you know how much I appreciate all of you! I know if you pray that angels will comfort you. You can feel comfort and security in their arms. If you are feeling lonely or sad PLEASE PLEASE pray. I am so silly. All this time I thought I had to do stuff alone, but it's not true. Heavenly FAther will help you and Jesus Christ will help you. In TRC we taugh a brother and he asked what if God doesn't answer my prayers. I thought about it for like a whole minute and then I said, Modlite se vic protoze Buh dava odpovidet a s jedna odpovidet, vy nepamatuji nic. (Pray more becasue God gives answers and with one answer you will forget everything else) That is how wonderful God is. One answer to your prayers and you can forget your other troubles.
And if you really need a laugh just imagine me, probably the goofy-est little girl on the whole planet trying to speak Czech... It sure makes my teachers laugh. And you know what, it's great to laugh! It feels really good. Men are that they might have radost (joy)!
Here's my testimony in Czech. I want to share it with you because I love you. Hopefully you can learn something from it!
s laskou
Sestra Bruno
P.S. I got my travel plans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
SLC to Chicago
Chicago to London (Hethrow)
London to Praca!!!!!
CAN YOU BELIEVE I LEAVE THE MTC IN 10 DAYS?!?!?!?!?! UNREAL!!!! I miss you all. Can't wait to talk to you on MAY 27th!!!

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