Friday, May 10, 2013

Training New Missionaries at the MTC

AHOJ Rodina a Kamaradky!
I figured I would just write to all of you about my week because I have been running out of time lately. Hopefully I will be able to send some of you individual e-mails too! Sorry if I don't!!! I'll try to do better next week.
This week in the MTC=SO GREAT!
We had mission conference on sunday which was so awesome. Some of the topics addressed were reverence and how to become a rescuer. Since being in the MTC I don't think I really thought much about reverence. I figured oh yeah we are in the MTC, it's reverent. But then I realized that sometimes it's really hard because I still want to participate in the things of the world (not singing is probably the hardest part) and plus our district and zone are so close so sometimes we just get really crazy and loud. Reverence is so important in feeling the spirit though. I am definitely starting to tell the difference of when the spirit is strong and when it is just present and reverence has a lot to do with it!
Our MTC president talked about how we will have the opportunity to become rescuers and how we should cherish that. I hope that sometime this week all of you will take time to talk to someone that isn't a member about the church. You all are probably better at it then me! We challenged the person that we taught this week at TRC to do it, and I want to challenge all of you to do it as well. Even if it is just mentioning that you are a member, or telling them to visit or or you could just post a mormon message on facebook. The more people that see it, the better. I can't wait to go out and share the TRUTH! And the truth is that the church is true!
At this weeks devotional we got to hear from some really cool people. One of them was a former NFL player, Chad Lewis. Look up his profile because he is so cool! We also got to be ushers. It was so awesome. I felt like a flight attendent.
We also got the chance to be the missionaries that help teach the new missionaries that come in every week. I don't know if they did this when you were missionaries but the first day when the new missionaries come they go in a big room and they teach a member, almost like TRC but with a big group. They start off with two missionaries though and me and my companion were those missionaries! It was soooooo awesome. One of the investigators was an amputee who had an amazing experience with God where he talked to him and heard his voice. His story was amazing. I was just glad to be in the room. I felt the spirit soooooo strongly. I can't wait until I am in the field doing this and expressing God's love for the people. They need to hear it because it's so true!!!
Also this week we get to be host for all the newbies at the MTC. I feel like a pro here. 9 weeks is a really long time I am figuring out. The language has been the biggest struggle this week. I feel like I don't know anything. still. Which has been hard because I think I am working so hard, but I retain almost nothing. NOT FUN! Czech is so crazy because there are these things called cases were every noun in a different situation changes the ending and every pronoun does it too. It's so hard, but so good. I am learning so much. and luckily I have two more weeks to learn more!!!!
I miss you all. Tell me about your life. Tell meyour summers. JUST TELL ME EVERYTHING!!!!
Love you all
s lasku
Sestra Bruno

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