Monday, June 10, 2013

Using Soccer as a Finding Tool

 This week we had DIVISIONS..... I stayed in my area with Sister de Jesus it was fun, we laughed a lot!
This week we made a lot of contacts because we were needing to increase our group of teaching. Our district leader gave us some advice. He told us that whenever we see kids playing on the street soccer or something like it to start playing with them and then ask them to meet their parents. Seemed ridiculous to me. But when I saw kids on the street I thought I´ll never know until I try right? We started playing this wierd game they play here called taco in our skirts it was fun and the kids loved us, and they all want to go to church now. Unfortunately their parents werent at home so we marked to visit them during this week. Let´s see what happens? 
This week we started teaching a man named Elineu who seemed really receptive, but after church yesterday he wanted to talk to us outside of the church and basically told us he wasnt going to come back because he didnt agree that sex was a sin because the talk in sacrament meeting was about the law of chastity... It was a wierd situation. He says he wants to find a wife and have kids and have a happy family. As I explained to him that only through the gospel of jesus christ is how he can have a truly happy family that will live together forever and how he will return to live with heavenly father I felt a firm assurance that the things that I was saying were true. I felt really really really sad afterwards, but I know I can say without doubts that I did my part in teaching him about the gospel of jesus christ.

The mission is passing by fast. Tomorrow I will be out for exactly 8 months!!!! Can you believe it???

Hope everyone has a good week!!!

Sister Bruno

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