Thursday, June 27, 2013

Were the Early Online Missionaries the Blind Leading the Blind? Is There Help

Joseph Walker in the Deseret News wrote an interesting piece on the historic missionary meeting held Sunday entitled "Been There Done That."  I was a bit miffed that Eric Whitlock said they had no help that they had to figure it out on their own.  I helped dozens of missionaries to put up their Facebook page and Blogs on Blogspot.  Also the coordinator Michael Hemingway in the missionary department answered any concerns.  Gideon Burton a professor at BYU worked with several missionaries also.  No one could tell them what to write that is true but the reality was that the early ones who were trained trained those who came after. They weren't totally alone.  Some missions like California Santa Rosa had Social Media zone leaders.  All of us are still available for the current missionaries to contact us.  I am available at if any parent or missionary wants to know how to put up their social media FB account with a networked blog feeder and tweeter accounts.  Also on this blog are detailed instructions for putting up a blog.  It was overwhelming helping 160 missionaries. Can I help 70,000 missionaries by myself no but I can help the handful that need help.A major point is that each succeeding wave of missionaries trained each other.

If you are interested in the historic broadcast you can go here.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for this post! My son was one of the online missionaries in Santa Rosa and I have pictures of him at online training meetings, so I know they received help learning how to set up their Facebook accounts and blogs. He has been home a year now and we were thrilled when we heard Elder Perry's name as the first speaker. My husband, son, and I all looked at each other and just knew that he would be announcing the online missionary program for all missionaries. Elder Perry came to our sons mission and gave great counsel and training for the missionaries in this program during the early days. Elder Perry told them that "Satan has been in control of the Internet for too long and it is time to banish the darkness with the light." The early online missionaries have done a magnificent job and the whole world will be blessed by their efforts in building this program and getting it ready for all missionaries. Our next son will leave on his mission in January and he is so happy about being an online missionary like his big brother.