Monday, July 15, 2013

Weird Stuff


Sometimes it is hard being a missionary when all this crazy historic stuff is happening because I feel like I do not have a clue what is going on.

I heard that elders can wear khakis now?
I also heard that they are opening an all sisters area in Columbia? weird weird and weird

This week was really good. We found a girl named Felina from Ecuador. She is awesome. GUESS WHAT. Her mom was baptized 3 years ago, but she moved here 4 years ago so she knows all about the missionaries but she wasn't there to get taught. It was so amazing because she prayed at the end of our 2nd lesson and she said that she knew that she met us for a reason and that she was really going to try to figure out why. I already love her. She reminds me of Desi sort of. hahahah she is the best. After the lesson S. Woodworth and I just said that we would go through a transfer like this one every time if it meant we could find someone like her every time. I am excited. She still has a lot of concerns but as far as I know, she is ready.

My new mission president is so amazing. He told us about the miracles that we can see on our mission if all we do is tell people our testimony. All we have to say is we know God lives and Jesus Christ is our savior and the Holy Ghost testifies. That's all. Nothing else matters. He is way awesome. I cant wait to see the cool stuff that happens while he is the president. And his family is sooooo awesome. Love them already.

As for this week, I am working on faith. I thought that I came into the mission having so much and knowing so much but I am realizing I still have so much to learn. If you have a chance you should read what the Bible dictionary has to say about having faith. I love when things are explained so simply. Sometimes I think I try to make things really complicated but I am figuring out that the most beautiful part about missionary work is when you can explain a principle of the gospel, in whatever language, with the Holy Ghost present, and have someone understand. Those moments really are miracles. 

I am excited to see what this week brings.

s laskou
Sestra Bruno 

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