Saturday, October 5, 2013

Puppy Power

Hey fam!
So this week has been really crazy. WE FOUND OUT THAT SISTER BATEMAN AND I ARE STAYING TOGETHER. Which really was inspired because this week one of our investigators told us that he was going to stop meeting with us when one of us left, but because we both stayed he couldn't tell us no.
He said that telling us no was like torturing puppies, and he couldn't do that. WE HAVE PUPPY POWER. It is really true. Most people that take the time to get to know the missionaris come to love them and find that they can't say no. He calls it puppy power, I call it the Holy Ghost... same diff.
Our area is really starting to pick up. This week we had amazing lessons with people who thanked us afterwards for having the courage to do what we are doing, in a place where people are so unbelieving. Some of the people thanking us don't necessarily met with us, but they are affected and I have faith that no matter what, the Lord is preparing them so that on day, they will accept the gospel. Plus I know that the Lord sends those people to me to give me the strength to keep going and to remember that no matter what, I am making a difference. And I am here to tell you that you are making a difference to. Keep continuing to be an example of Jesus Christ. Keep having faith, Keep believing! USE YOUR PUPPY POWER.
Today the Elders had a baptism at a beautiful spot just outside of the city, in a River. Can you imagine? They baptized someone in a river in the Czech Republic in October. It was cold. But it was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. They looked like angels in the water and I could imagine angels surrounding them keeping them warm despite the cold. (That is so cheesy, but you had to be there okay) This church is true. The gospel of Jesus Christ is true and beautiful.
s laskou
Sestra Bruno

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