Monday, December 2, 2013

Too Much of A Good Thing

BONJOUR TOUS LE MONDE! this was a pretty awesome week! I forgot my journal though and so i'm not a hundred percent sure about everything that happened, so I'm going to just have to give you the highlights!

We went to an old fort/botanical garden for P-day and we met this artist who was just drawing a picture of the city! I asked if i could take a picture and lo and behold we're teaching him (Although I'm pretty sure that it's more because Elder Hall has a very strong personality and this guy didn't have a chance of getting away). We've gone back a couple times and we just teach him on a hill overlooking the city. The reason that it's so exciting isn't his willingness to accept our message though, it's simply the fact that he's the first person that i've met here that i just struck up a random conversation and we got talking about the gospel. OPPORTUNITIES ARE EVERYWHERE! Or something along those lines ;)
and again
and again
French people like to eat.... a lot. I'm trying a lot of different things, some of them are thingshad before, some of them are new, and some of them are cheese that has been left out for a month and is no longer a sold material... I cannot lie when I say that escargo is delicious though, you just have to get past the fact that it feels like you've just stuck and enormous booger in your mouth :D
It was awesome though, the members gave us food for one thanksgiving, we had a thanksgiving with half of our zone (the other half lives too far away from us to be able to celebrate with us) we had another one with the members, and then the members decided to fast for the missionaries and then we broke the fast with a huge meal (even though nobody called that thanksgiving, i still count it). Oh yeah, the heavenly material called speculoose that i talked about? I made peanut butter cookies only instead of peanut butter i used speculoose. It was incredible
We were busy!
It was totally awesome! We literally ran sometimes to get places! we had somewhere to go and somewhere to be and i REALLY feel like my legs are about to fall off right now! Anyways, the last thing i think i wish to talk about is faith!
So, what did I learn this week?(I learned that we are spending the last week me and Elder Hall have together entirely in French, so don't tell him i'm writing this in English). But this week what I really learned was that you have to have faith like a monkey. And it sounds a lot like I'm trying to be funny (which is partially true), but it's also pretty serious. We all hold on to things by our fingertips. We don't want to change, we think that there's only one tree in the forest, one solution for every problem, one way to raise your kids, one way to hold a church service, one way to find someone as a missionary. I guess that this week i've seen a lot of people (including myself) holding on to this one branch. When I say have faith like a monkey, i guess what i'm really trying to say is don't be afraid to hold on to another idea. There are always different ways of doing everything and if we don't take a look around, then we might get stuck with a weak branch that eventually just breaks. Have faith like a monkey, trust that when you let go of one branch, there's going to be another one to grab on to! That's my email for this week! Bon chance everybody, do good wherever you are
Elder Michael Beneamato Bruno

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