Monday, January 20, 2014

Mission: Resgatar

Me and my companion have been working a lot with the ward list. Visiting every single person that we don´t know. Sometimes the address doesn´t exist or the person moved more than 10 years ago, but this week we saw some awesome results because of it. First we visited a family and got them to go to church two weeks in a row. Come to find out the youngest never got confirmed, so she has to be baptized again. So now we are teaching her the missionary lessons and helping her prepare for baptism.

We also found a family that has been half inactive half active for about 2 years. They got offended and started going to their moms ward, and slowly became inactive. Us visiting Tatiana, the wife, got her super excited to try out the ward again. She misses going to the TEMPLE, so she is going to go to the ward on Sunday!!!!!
I call it Mission:Resgatar. Resgatar means to Rescue :)
We also found an ELECT this week. We were walking down the road and a lady called out SISTER and we went back and talked to her. She told her that her daughter had recently moved to the area and is ``from our church`` She told us that she however had her own beliefs and that did not want to visit our church. We wrote down the address to visit her daughter and let her know how to get to the chapel. When we got there we sat down and talked to her for a bit, and come to find out she was NEVER baptized. She lived with her Dad for most of her life in a place called Juquitiba and was introduced to the church by her aunt. Her dad, however never let her get baptized. BUT now shes living with her mom and her mom told her that its her choice. SHE is awesome. She has been going to church for 10 months now and she pretty much taught US the first lesson. When we asked her if she knew what the priesthood was she asked if we wanted to know about the aaronic or melquesidique... :) We will see how long her mom will stay with her ``own beliefs`` 
Tomorrow we have transfers!!!!! I am going to stay in my area and TRAIN. I will probably finish out my mission here in Vila Esperança. My last 12 weeks will be my companions first 12 weeks. I´m super excited to be able to help my new companion learn how to be a missionary. I hope I can teach her how to be a GREAT missionary.
Well thats about all that is happening here in my new area!!! I hope all of you have a great week and write me!!!! Depending if I have time after I get my greenie from the mission office I might get on again tomorrow for the rest of my time, so WRITE ME!!!!!!!! and I agree with franny: EVERYONE SHOULD READ MY EMAIL :)
Love you all!!!!!!

Sister Bruno

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