Monday, January 27, 2014

The Work in Plzen

I think this past weeks was one of the most crucial weeks of my entire mission. I have seen some crazy things the last 10 months that I have been a missionary, but this last week was definitely one of the hardest/best weeks thus far.
We started off by meeting with this amazing lady named Simona. My companion kontakted her during a chalk display we had about the Plan of Salvation. And I had the phone so the lady wrote down her number in my companion's diary and I guess she put the last number wrong, so the number didn't work to call. BUT then the day of the lesson she called us because my companion gave her a card and confirmed the lesson! Then we had a lesson with her at the mall here in Plzen. The lesson was so fast... literally 20 minutes. We handed her a Book of Mormon and talked a tiny tiny bit about how we believe it can help her life. Then she pulled out the pass-along card and asked if she could come to church with her 3 ten year old daughters. We thought it was too good to be true but we said URCITE (of course) and then she said she had to go, but that she would read the Book with her daughters. 

Then Tuesday came around and our mission President came to our district meeting. He loves Plzen so so so much because it is where he started his mission and a lot of members that he baptized are still super active in this branch. He came and he helped our district make a plan for the branch for the next year. We want to see 15 baptisms in the branch in the next year and 10 reactivations. It seems like a a really big goal because there are only 30 members that are coming to church regularly right now and we would basically be doubling the branch, but he promised us that we could do it! I didn't really believe that we could do it when I looked at the number but when we started to break it down I realized, it's possible! Small and Simple things!!! Our president is inspired.

Then later that night we had a crazy lesson with a old catholic man who comes to our English class that basically wanted to Bible bash, but we couldn't really understand (or at least we pretended to not be able to understand) that that is what he wanted to do so we pulled out the brochure and read about the apostasy. He thought it was really interesting and he said he would meet with us again before English because "he has time" don't really know if he will exactly be "progressing" but he is at least going to now the facts about our church before he judges us. 

Then later in the week met with our RCLA who never really stopped drinking, but refuses to admit that he does it. Anyway he came to the building, and told us that his dad had beat him and he was kicked out of his house and he kept saying that he was nothing. It was terrifying. I have never prayed so hard in my life for someone as I have for this man. Right now he doesn't have a phone and it's been really hard to get a hold of him, but we called our branch president and he found somewhere for him to stay and right now I guess that's where it is left off... but it was just a testimony to me of important and sacred the home is, and the importance of leaders in callings that know what they are doing a lot better than I do.

Then on Sunday I gave a talk...! It was scary. But good. It was on the talk given in the last conference about Small and Simple things and less-active members because we have been working really hard on reactivating our members this transfer. There are over 100 members in Plzen and there are only about 30 members coming regularly to meetings. And Simona came to church!!!With one of her daughters because the other 2 were sick, but she said she wants to come again next week!!!! And we had a pretty good lesson with these two kids that we have been on and off teaching for the last two months. It was a good week. 

I have been praying so much this week and asking God why things happen. I don't know that I have gotten specific answers to my questions other then that God's time and God's will is so much greater than my own. There is a talk by Brad Wilcox about the grace of Jesus Christ where he says "The trials ahead of us are never as great as the power behind us" This week was a testament of that phrase. I have never had so many blessings and trials in one week. In one day. It has been the hardest two months probably of my life for many different reasons, but it is amazing how still I can see the blessings of Heaven being poured down upon me and upon the Czech Republic. This place is amazing. God wants these people to believe in him SO BAD. And I can't believe that he trusts me enough with this work, but I know that through small and simple things (like me!) he will make great things come to pass.

I love you guyssss!!!!!
s laskou
Sestra Bruno

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