Monday, February 10, 2014

A Short Report from the Czech Republic

AHOJ! Hey sorry so my enter button isn't working. It's going to be kind of a weirdly formatted letter home this week. BUT. It was a good week. We taught some really good lessons and got a new investigator! Her name is Pavla. And she's 21. SHE'S AWESOME! We are so excited to meet her again. The lesson was a little bit crazy because we met her on the namesti (town square) and then walked to a cafe and it was so loud and people were smoking and drinking all around us and I ordered hot chocolate (the only thing not against the word of wisdom on the menu) but they brought me out a latte instead... awkward. Then we taught her a basic lesson and she was awesome. She responded well to everything!! The Book of Mormon was really hard for her to read though, but it is for everyone here in the Czech Republic because it uses really old Czech and people aren't used to reading religious books. So that was understandable. She is so great though. Unfortunately she didn't come to church this week,

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