Monday, February 24, 2014

June Flowers can bloom in December through our memories

Ahoj hoj my dear rodinicko Miracles were blooming allllll over the place this week. I really could believe it. The first miracle being that I had exchanges in Prague this week. I love that city with all of my heart. I was with Sister Rosenvall (one of my MTC sisters) and she helped me so much! We talked about how I can improve and what I can be doing better. One of the main concerns I have had on my mission is being about to feel successful. She, so lovingly, told me that all that I am doing shows my success, and even if I don't see it right now, that when I come home from my mission and when I have daughters that are going through the same things I have gone through that I am going to help them thanks to all that I am doing on my mission. Plus I got to be in Prague... and I saw Jardo and Angie!!! (2 investigators that I taught) Jardo is getting baptized on Friday!!!! and Angie... well she dropped the missionaries, but still I got to see them and tell them how much I love them. It just helped so much to see how much they have changed all because of the gospel. I'm so glad that I was able to bring that into their lives in even the smallest way. Then I came back to Plzen and we just exploded. We taught a girl that was contacted in September who texted us telling us that she wanted to meet! It was awesome. She met some believes through cheerleading and she wanted to know more. Unfortunately she went to Austria this week so we don't know when we will get to meet with her :( We also had first lessons with a man named Janu who contacted us our first day here in Plzen and gave him all the commitments and he accepted them all. And we had a lesson with a man whose grandfather helped build Pilsner-Urquell (the beer factory here). And the coolest thing ever happened during a chalk display (we just draw things on the ground in chalk and contact people about it). I talked to this AMAZINGLY PREPARED girl from Portugal who doesn't know if she believes in God but wants to find out. At the end of the contact she asked if I really thought I could help her. I almost hugged her and half-shouting half-crying said "YES, I PROMISE THIS WILL HELP" It was an amazing feeling. She had a test so we are going to call this week to set up. On top of that we keep running into people that I have contacted/taught before last transfer and getting numbers... miracles. The cherry on top of an amazing week was that a women from church and our investigator (that only comes to church and wouldn't meet with us) became BEST FRIENDS. Seriously best friends. We had a meeting with the member to talk about her personal mission plan and talked about how she could help us bring this women to baptism. THE MEMBER WAS SOOOOO EXCITED. She set up the meeting herself. The member and investigator became friends while the investigator was coming to church and now they are working together. Roksana (the member) told us that our investigator was going to help her with work and Roksana was going to help the investigator be saved. IT WAS SO CUTE! We just had the lesson today and it was soooooo cool. The member taught the lesson for us. She shared all the commitments and told the investigator that she was going to call and check if she was reading and praying. And we set up again for thursday to teach the lady and her 3 daughters!!!! WE ARE STOKED. Members are KEY. Seriously they make a HUGE difference. I can't believe the amazing week I have had and I'm so blessed to have seen the hands of God in my work this week. My testimony of no effort ever being wasted has been so strengthened. God really knows the right time and condition and brings forth miracles in his way. I am so glad that he knows better than me and he makes these things possible for his children. Isn't he the best??? I love you all and I hope that all is well. GIGI IS HAVING HER BABY?!?!?! I'm freaking out. I'm so excited to see pictures. Everyone looks like models in the pictures they sent. How did I luck out with such a great family? I love you guys s laskou Sestra Bruno

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