Monday, March 31, 2014


Hello my family,

This week was a weird one. It felt like we were in Prague so much! We had a training on Tuesday in Prague and then we had district conference on Sunday. There was a seventy that came and spoke. Also they changed the district presidency so it was pretty weird. After all that time in Prague it was good to come back to Plzen. 

I'm really starting to love it here. Which is new because when I first got here I had no idea what I was doing and I didn't like that much. But now I can say that Plzen has become one of my favorite areas purely for the fact that I've done the most changing here. It's weird but I've learned a lot about what it means to love someone purely for the fact that they are your brother or sister in the gospel. All this probably means that next week I am getting transferred to a new city, but I am excited for it. I'm excited to kill it for the 6 months I have left. (I CANNOT BELIEVE I HAVE BEEN A MISSIONARY FOR A YEAR!) "The last 6 months are your time to shine"-The District :)))

Other than that we had a pretty great week. Simona and the girls are excited for baptism. They still aren't 100 % sure about the 19th, but in our last lesson they asked who would baptize them and what they will wear and just were awesome about it. 
We also started teaching a members girlfriend this week. They are both really really nice. They are a little hard to understand because they are slovak but we are excited. They are totally going to be the next Jackie and Caleb (I don't know why I am referencing the District so much in this e-mail, but there you go) We are excited to teach them. 
We also had a way cool experience yesterday. It was pretty much the best weather the Czech Republic has seen in like 6 months so after we got home from Prague we decided to walk everywhere. We walked to a less-actives house and contacted on the way. She was really sick and sleeping so she didn't let us in. It was sad, but we still had an hour until we needed to be home so we contacted home and found this way cool kid! He had time right then so we sat down on a bench and talked about the Book of Mormon and set up to meet again. 
It's cool because we had the goal of two new investigators and we really didn't know how we were going to do it but we got them on Saturday and Sunday night. It's just cool how God rewards our righteous desires.

It was way awesome because we had a sister's devotional before district conference and the seventies daughter (who coincidentally served her mission in my mission presidents ward where he was the bishop before he became mission president) spoke to us about righteous desires. And the new investigators had been on our mind all week. She talked about how God really does want to help us but we have to give him everything!!! I can testify that it feels so good when you know you have done everything you possibly can. When you fall into bed exhausted because you worked so hard that day. It's probably the best feeling ever! I'm so glad I get to be a missionary. It's the best ever! I'm glad I get to change and I get to help people do the same because I know that when we change to become closer to Christ we just feel so much better. 

Fiera is such a cutie!!! Thanks for the pics!!! I can't believe I have 2 nieces that I've never met!!! It's freaking me out!!!

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