Monday, March 24, 2014

Easter Contacting

Bonjour mes petits amis,
This week was pretty good, we had a good ole time running from Rendez-vous to Rendez-vous, but mostly getting cancelled on right as we got there. That or they just wouldn't show up or answer their phone. It was sad. BUT, we did start teaching two FAMILIES!
Yeah, that's right. families. We've been splitting up our areas since we have three companionships in the same area, and so president asked us to split them up so that we could work more effectively and also because we're starting a new thing called EASTER CONTACTING! Where we drop fliers in peoples mailboxes that say that we're coming by later to knock on their door and talking about the ressurection of Jesus.
Anyways, this is important because it means that there's been a lot of passing of investigators between companionships the last week, and so that's where a really cool couple named Alex and Andrea come into play. they're really the other Elders investigators, but they lived in our sector and so we started teaching them this week, THEY're super cool, they have two kids, speak spanish, kind of french, and an itty bit of english. Alex's family is Mormon and he knows the church is true, but Andrea is SUPER catholic. we're trying to get them to have a family home evening with a really cool family from Mexico though, hopefully that will help! They have two kids, but they're at school when we have Rendez-vous and we haven't met them yet.
Our other family is Jeremy, Estelle, and her half brother Jessie (as well as Jeremy and Estelle's 2 kids). They're SUPER awesome, Jeremy is a member who kind of fell away when he was 14 and started dating Estelle. They live together with their two kids and we helped them move a couple weeks ago. Now that they're done moving though they've had time to meet and we taught the Restoration lesson (well, most of it). We watched the video with them and at the end we asked Jeremie to pray at the end. HE FELT THE SPIRIT SO STRONG. He said he had never felt a response to his questions when he prayed before. They sadly couldn't make it to a baptism that we had yesterday for an 8 year old girl in the ward, but we have a RDV with them tomorrow!
That's pretty much the most exciting things that happened.

Spiritual thought for the week though I would have to say is focus on the young'uns. The church is centered on the family and I have to say that for most people in this world the most important thing for them is their family. Always look for ways to help children grow in their understanding of the gospel, by seeking to strengthen the family the family begins to flourish and missionary work is helped as well. This week we really focused on teaching so that even a child could understand, there is no better lesson than one in which a child can learn and grow. I starting to feel as though the best lessons are the simplest, and the best teachers are children.
Love you guys,
Elder Bruno

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