Monday, March 17, 2014


Good week, we did some good work and really had a ton of help from members.
It started out pretty crazy and stayed the same way pretty much all week. Being in Paris it takes around an hour to get to most Rendez-Vous, we so well that most of the work we did was traveling from rendez-vous to rendez-vous. It was awesome, we didn't do as great as we normally do talking to people on the trams and buses and what have you, but we did schedule do a really amazing weekly planning, which helped us get in contact with a lot of people we hadn't been able to.
This week, we ate and we ate, and we ate. We had a crazy french meal called racklette for district meeting (it's just cheese and potatoes and meat, but you do it with this crazy cool machine), we ate with members (tahitians) who literally would not let us leave their house until we ate all the food they had prepared (and it was a ton of food) and we had racklette again at a members house. The members are getting to be super awesome and only once when I asked for referals did they say they didn't know anyone. The ward is starting to catch fire and it's awesome!
In terms of amis, our crazy evangalist ami is doing great, we got him to church and he's coming around on the Book of Mormon, our old ami is still super old and super catholic, but the sisters are having another baptism this week and hopefully we can get him to that, and we have this super cool new ami who actually speaks English. The first time we taught him we had to translate the pamphlets from French to English, but the next time we came MUCH better prepared.
All in all, awesome week. I really learned this week that you cannot get comfortable. It's not enough to be in a comfortable situation and continue, you should be constantly working to progress and to help others. Whenever you feel comfortable it's the perfect opportunity to turn outwards and serve others. Always look for opportunities to serve and while serving to share the gospel at the same time. It's funny because this week we walked by a lady painting her fence, we stopped, turned around, and asked if we could help her. She said, No thanks, but your collegues already asked. She then asked what we do. And so, we shared what we did. It was cool. It's my invite to you to find someone to serve this week and to share the gospel while doing it.

Love you all,

Elder Bruno

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