Monday, April 7, 2014


Hello hello hello,

This week was a bittersweet one for me. I found out that I am leaving plzen :(. It's bittersweet because I will miss Plzen so so so much, but I am also excited to serve in a new area. IT IS GOING TO BE QUITE AN ADVENTURE! I will be serving in Uherske Hradiste you say it ooo-hair-sh-kaa hhh-rad-ish-tee-yuhhhh! (it's a tough one to say) And I will be in a trio. And we will be training... weirddddd. 
Also I found out that my last companion went home because of health conditions. That's why we are in a trio. It was really tough to hear that. I had no idea until president called us and told me what was happening on saturday night. I was basically just shocked. I didn't expect it. So I'm excited I have no idea what to expect so I'll just expect the unexpected I guess. 

This week was pretty great. I had a good birthday. Still can't believe I'm 21. I still feel like I'm 19. But it was good. We went to Indian Food and had district meeting and taught english. Good stuff. Then we had a mormonism seminar and we taught about temples. Which leads me into the coolest part of the week. We stumbled upon the coolest, most prepared man EVER!!!

His name is Jiri. Elder Foster contacted him at the beginning of the transfer in front of the mall on a scooter and couldn't for the life of him set up a meeting, but the man said he would come to english. So he came to our english class and one week we taught a lesson about the book of mormon. During the thought he asked (very loudly) where he could buy one. We told him we gave it for free and got his number. That brings us to this week when we taught about temples. He was visiting Alberta Canada and saw the temple and tried to go inside but they told him that he couldn't! He was so confused why not. This week we had a lesson with us and he is so prepared. We taught the restoration and he agreed with it all. We asked if he would be baptized if he knew it was all true and he said, jasne, obviously. He said he had been coming to english to be around other believers. HE LOVES WHAT WE TEACH. He and his four kids and wife are totally going to get baptized!!!

Simona and the girls are doing okay. We taught Law of Chastity... she said it sounds like a fairytale and no one does it... sad day. We don't know what is going on through her head. We haven't seen her since thursday and she cancelled todays lesson, but we have faith that everything will be okay. 

It was just a great week. I love love love Plzen so much. I love the members. I love the city. I love the people. I just have loved this place sooo much. I can't believe it's already time to leave. I just love being a missionary so so so much. I never want it to end! Our mission is on fire right now. We are baptizing more then ever before and I know that the Lord's hand is in our work so much!

I love you all and can't believe how everyone is changing so much. I'm not even going to recognize you anymore! Promise to remember me????

Love yaaa

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