Monday, May 5, 2014

Positive to the End

Hey family-fam,

The UH is just killing it. We had a pretty good week considering all the crazy things that happened. On Wednesday we started teaching Elenka, a members granddaughter. She is a feisty little ten-year old. AND I LIKE IT. haha But really she is super cute and she acts like an adult. It's hard though because her dad is against faith and had a really hard time letting her go to church so we aren't sure how he will react to her getting baptized. But in the closing prayer she prayed that her dad could gain faith. It was the sweetest thing ever. It just reminded me how blessed I was to grow up in the family and place that I did. 

On that same day while we were at the church building someone came in while we were teaching a lesson and stole one of my companions bag. It was the one that was in her last transfer and they stole her camera(with all the pictures of her mission), her pass, visa, money, cards, DRIVERS LICENCE, etc. It was terrible. It has made doing missionary work harder too because we can't drive the car until I get my driver's license now because there is no way for her to get another one. I hate when people steal. It's not very nice. But she has a really good attitude about it. She said that they stole her bag so they could find the Book of Mormon, read it, and want to get baptized. She's great. 

That was sad, but we just knew that it meant good things were coming. On Friday just two days after we had a lesson with an RCLA and we decided to go on splits. I went with a member and taught Martin in the park and the other sisters went and contacted. It was a really cool lesson... I WAS THE ONLY AMERICAN. (way coool) Anyway while I was teaching the sisters found a family of 6 that were formers that want to meet again. IT WAS SO COOL! Then on Saturday randomly on the members texted us and told us that they decided their 15 year old son needs to learn about the church, so on Sunday we went over for lunch and taught him. It was really cool... I definitely learned that I am still scared of 15 year old boys even though I'm 21. I feel bad for Nikita. They are terrifying. But no seriously he is a really nice boy. It was a really funny meeting because his dad didn't tell him until we were all sitting down that he needed to start the lessons and he said he doesn't care if he gets baptized but that he needs to at least know every thing. We think that he is secretly hoping and praying that he will get baptized because you can just tell every time you are around that family how much they love each other and baptism and receiving the Holy Ghost and enduring to the end are the only way they can be together forever. We have high hopes for him. 

It was a great week. Moral of the story... Families are just the best. They are the MOST important organization in the world. hahah They really are. Love my fam...

Sister Bruno


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