Monday, June 2, 2014

I Just Love Talkin' Bout Jesus


So this week was really funny because one of the recent converts we teach started calling me a 
jižanka. Which means southerner. We taught him how to say the word sasparilla... in a southern 
accent. It's hilarious.

Anyway on to the good stuff... We are teaching Lukáš. He is doing užasně!!! He's so golden. He came 
to church on sunday and loved it. We taught him the plan of salvation this week and it was great. 
It was a little awkward at one point because martin, the friend that referred him taught with us and 
when we were explaining Christ's role in the plan of salvation, the atonement, Martin said something 
like "Yeah so everytime you smoke a cigarette, Christ is suffering for your sin" It was very awkward, 
but also very true. We thought that Lukas was going to be embarrassed but he was so good about it. 
The spirit was strong and we testified that we can change and become better. It was good. Now we 
know he knows that smoking isn't good. 

We also taught Radek again. We taught him with President McConkie last week and it was kind of a 
frustrating lesson, but we went into this lesson just with love and we just got down to business. We 
asked if he wanted to know if he should get baptized. He was only allowed to say yes or no. He said yes. So we told him we needed a date to help him be prepared. We said we didn't care if it was in 2 months or 
2 years but we needed a date. He said that he had talked to members and it took them 3 years to 
get baptized so we said fine we will mark you for three years. He said that he probably wouldn't need 
that long, probably just need till the end of the year so we said fine and marked him for December 20th.
 I know that may seem a little ridiculous but believe me, God was really working with us on that one. 
We also started over with the restoration and discovered that he doesn't understand the restoration at
 all... not good. So basically we are starting with ground zero. It's fun. It's a good place to be. We are just so excited because he has been taught for almost a year now and has never accepted a date until now! 

I think you will all be happy to now that we stalked someone this weekend. mwaahahah. My 
facebook stalking days really paid off. I kid but really. We say that really cool family we met a few weeks 
ago walking to the grocery store and we followed them in. We saw them by the bread aisle and it just 
happened that we "needed" bread for the week and just happened to walk by them and run into them.
 The good news is that their phone was broken and they had been painting their house all week and
just finished. They invited us over on Saturday to see it. We have their address and everything now. 

It was a good week. Love you all!!!
s laskou
sestro bruno 

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